Based out of Millersburg and Wooster, Hart’s Dry Carpet Cleaning has been serving the Holmes and Wayne County area for nearly 30 years. They offer a wide range of services from basic carpet cleaning to stain removal and upholstery cleaning. Hart’s Dry Carpet Cleaning stands behind all their work and takes great pride in service they provide. They are firm believers in the advantages dry carpet cleaning has to offer over traditional wet methods.

With a dry carpet cleaning method there is no wait time for you to begin using your carpets again. As soon as they have been cleaned they are ready to be used. Traditional wet methods of cleaning require an extended period of time for carpets to dry.


When you have your carpets dry cleaned you can rest assured that your carpets will not fade or shrink and there is no risk of obtaining mold or mildew due to the carpet cleaning. Leave the worry behind and enjoy your clean carpets.

Cleaning your carpets regularly will extend the life of your carpet. With a dry cleaning system your carpet will stay cleaner longer because no sticky residue is left behind and spots will not reappear after they have been cleaned.





Hart’s Dry Carpet cleaning uses the HOST Dry Extraction System to effectively deep clean carpets. HOST works very similarly to the way a sponge absorbs dirt. Small natural HOST extractorSPONGES® are sprinkled on the surface to be cleaned. The HOST machine works these through to carpet to extract the dirt. The excess is then vacuumed up. The dry extraction system has many advantages compared to traditional hot water extraction.

Advantages of Dry Extraction Method

No risk of carpet shrinkage
Carpets will not fade
No time to wait for carpets to dry
Carpets stay cleaner as there is no sticky residue left behind
No risk of mold and mildew
Safe for family & pets
Spots will not reappear
Environmentally friendly and green approved

Carpet Cleaning Methods

 + Dry foam: The carpet cleaner applies thick foam to your carpet, allows it to dry, and then, without rinsing, sucks the dried foam into a vacuum. The word “dry” differentiates this method from shampoo methods; however, the carpet is still wet when the process is complete. The amount of foam that is left behind and the quality of the product will determine the resoiling rate (the rate at which the carpet will get dirty again) of your carpet after using this method.
+ Spin pad (Bonnet cleaning): With this method, a large absorbent bonnet is placed on the bottom of a rotary machine after being moistened with water and/or cleaning solutions. As it spins across the carpet, the rotating motion causes the bonnet to absorb dirt. This method is also called bonnet cleaning. Bonnet cleaning will tend to smear the dirt and soil throughout the carpet unless the bonnet is changed or rinsed frequently. A heavy residue is left behind, contributing to a very high resoiling rate in addition to possible distortion of the texture of the carpet.
+ Hot water extraction (Steam cleaning): With this method, hot water cleaning solution under high pressure is forced, and then sucked out of, your carpet. You can choose from two different types: Truck-mount extraction, which is done with a large machine mounted on a truck or van, or portable extraction, which is done with a small, hand-held unit. Either way, your carpet is saturated with water and cleaning detergents, left wet for several hours after cleaning, and dirty solution that was not completely extracted can remain in the carpet. All that moisture can lead to mold & mildew growth, rippling in the carpet, loosening of the backing of the carpet, shrinkage & seam splitting, and high amounts of downtime.
+ HOST Dry Extraction Method: This low-moisture method eliminates many of the problems and challenges presented by wet methods of carpet cleaning. The HOST Sponges cleaner uses less than 1 teaspoon of liquid per square foot of carpeting. Working just like your kitchen sponge, it carries the proper amount of moisture and safe cleaning solvent to the carpet fibers, dissolves and absorbs the dirt, soil and other contaminants through agitation, then carries it away into a high-powered vacuum system. Carpet is left clean, dry, and ready for immediate use. The resoiling rate is very slow which means your carpet will stay cleaner longer, spots will not reappear, matted down pile and traffic lanes are lifted, and indoor air quality is improved.
The other methods described mention residue that is left behind. The only thing left behind with the HOST Dry Extraction system is a small amount of HOST Sponges that may lie at the base of your carpet after cleaning. It is dry, not sticky, natural & organic, nonresoiling, safe for people, pets & the environment, and will be easily removed with normal vacuuming.



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